FMP Assessment

25th of May 2021

For my FMP, I decided to do a topic on dream with the title of Unconscious Existence. In this project, I’m focusing on the Carl Jung’s dream and the interpretation of the World War 1. Firstly, I did a mind map.

Mind Map

In this mind map, I wrote every research that I’ve done including: scientists, events, factors, and also traditional culture of dream in different part of the world.


For the Idea, I’m taking the picture of Carl Jung’s dream, which he dreamed of an Arctic cold froze land in the middle of summer. He also saw yellow waves. So I’m taking this idea and design a garment like this

Carl Jung’s Dream – Yellow waves

Another image that appears on Carl Jung’s Dream is that he saw the drowned bodies of uncounted thousands. Then the whole sea turned to blood. This is how I visualise his dream, i think skull can represents the dead bodies, and designing some dress and skirt looking at the silhouette of the skull

Carl Jung’s Dream Flood, blood, and dead bodies

Next, I looked at things that exists in the world war 1, like the safety hat, the soldier shoes and also the medical stretcher. So, I get an idea to make a corset

Design Ideas 1
Design Ideas 2

In this page, I take the idea from the bag of the soldier. With the detail of buckle.

Soldier bag – buckles

I tried to design a garment, with some buckle detail on the sleeve, and skirt.

Design Development

I also made my textile design, looking at the hat and also the gun of the soldier and combining it with the idea of colour emotion, blue red, yellow and purple.

Textile Design 1
Textile Design – Embroidery

Another development from the sack, I then designed a coat with the silhouette from piles of sacks.

I also look at the military plane from above and when the plane stand side by side, I get the idea of making a vest.

Next, I made a garment from the shape of the battle tank, I then get an idea to make a large long vest.

Using the silhouette of it, I tried to cut the shape on the paper and drape it to the mannequin, and I got another interesting silhouette out of it.

Draping 1
Draping 2
Draping 3

I also did another research on dada and surrealism art work painting which is ‘The Reckless Sleeper’. This art work is basically telling about a figure sleeps in a wooden alcove above a dark cloudy sky. These objects are presented as if dreamed by the sleeper, and are considered as the Sigmund Freud symbols.

Dada and Surrealism Art – The Reckless Sleeper, Mirror

I pick an object which is the mirror. The meaning behind the mirror is about linking the conscious and the unconscious world. So, I visualize this Idea into a connected mirror. I done some draping with the shape of the linking mirror.

Mirror draping 1
Mirror draping 2
Mirror draping 3

After that, I tried to made it from fabrics, I sew it and flip it into 2, and experimenting again with draping into the mannequin.

Mirror Draping 1
Mirror draping 2
Mirror draping 3
Mirror draping 4

Next, I combined all of the draping and i designed some garments.

Idea Development 1
Idea Development 2

After I done some draping and design, I found out a new shape out of this. it does looked like the petal of Magnolia flower.

Magnolia Flower

I also do a further research on magnolia flower and the connection with dream. According to my research, dreaming of magnolia connects you to your inner self. So, I decided to design a vest that can be reversed and worn in two ways.

Design development – Flower

Lastly, I drew my final line up

Final Collection

Here are the results of the photoshoot

Photoshoot 1
Photoshoot 2
Photoshoot 3
Photoshoot 4

For my FMP, I took a lot of time to think and to decide the topic that i will working on, from the topic of Chandelier, Lego, Earth natural phenomenon: Aurora. And I finally chose to work on a theme of ‘Precognitive Dream’. The reason why I chose this topic because im really interested in researching about the unconscious world and the meaning behind it, and how it will affects a human life and future. I started this project with doing my research. At first, i really wanted this project to have related with the world traditional culture and their beliefs on dream. So, I researched about different scientists, artists, dream catchers, aboriginal culture, dream events; such as: Carl Jung’s dream about World War 1, Abraham lincoln’s death, etc. Also few of Dada and Surrealism art work and paintings.

After i did a lot of research on this, I decided to focus more on the Carl Jung’s Theory, which is the world war 1 dream. Firstly, I researched on Carl jung’s dream about the world war 1. So, he dreamed during 1914, he began to dream of a barren wasteland that surrounded him. In his vision, an Arctic cold froze the land to ice in the middle of the summer. Jung saw the entire Lorraine region as frozen and deserted. Every living thing died because of frost and the dreams occurred just a few months before the outbreak of World War I. Jung said that his last dream of this nature occurred in June 1914 and war broke out on 28 July.

From his dream, I tried to find some key words, and tried to imagine the image that Carl Jung’s dreamed of. In my sketchbook, I drew a yellow waves, blood floods, and death body. I then came up with some ideas using this image. next, I looked at some military stuffs, such as: the military shoes, the military bags, military vehicles, and then I drew some ideas, and some designs about it. i looked at the shape and the silhouette of these things, and experimenting with different styles and draping. On the idea of military shoes, Im focusing on how or the way the soldier do the bandage. the way how they roll it on the leg, and also the shape of the military medical stretcher. I founf this pretty interesting. So, i decided to design a corset. I used PVC as the materials, coming from the Idea of the safety helmet of the soldier. This is also connected with the idea of dream, which dream representing what you think about a lot these days. PVC is transparent, and it shows the inside or below it and bring it to the surface.

Next, I looked at the soldier bag with a lot of buckle on it, also the way how the bag flips. I also drew some of my ideas about it. And at last, im planning to make an accessories as well, and design a bracelet with buckles on it. I also designed some garments looking at the military vehicles, so i got a military vehicles which have the shape of diamond, so i came up with an ides of doing some large long vest and giving some belts on it. Aside from that looking at the military plane, i looked at the shape of it as well and designed some garments. Im also thinking about some fabrics that i can use that resembles the material of the planes, such as metals. I need to think some fabrics that is shiny to make the garment. Another Idea that i done is by looking at some piles of sacks. from the sacks, I came up with different ideas. the silhouette of the garment is then looked like a balloon, and some details on the sider of the garment.

I also made some textile design. The first textile design idea came up from the hat and also the gun of the soldier, and ive decided to make this from hand-embroidery since in the era of World War 1, people actually using the embroidery postcards for exchange letters. I made some sample of the embroidery. the other textile design is actually came up from the idea of side detail of the sacks, and i think the design is pretty good.

In order to complete the Idea of dream, I then also researched on a dada and surrealism art work of ‘The Reckless Sleeper’, this painting is actually about a man sleeping in a wood, and there is some symbols below the bed, and through the research, these symbols actually represents the freudian symbols, i think its perfect that this project actually combine all of the opinion from both scientists which are Carl Jung’s as well as Sigmund Freud.

i did a lot of draping and made the actual physical things, and then i draped it into the mannequin and played with it in order to find some new shape and silhouette. After trying some draping and styles, I then found out a new design, which is looking at the magnolia flowers. the way i draped the garment, looks like the petal of the flowers.


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