Fashion Design: FMP Proposal Form

22nd of March 2021

Student Full Name:  Elaine Piscesya Roesdiyono  CEG Number: 08115467
Specialism: Fashion DesignDate: Submission deadline week beginning the 22 March 2021  
Project Title: Unconscious Existence  

Your project proposal should be sufficiently challenging to ensure you have the best possible chance of meeting the grading criteria.

Section 1: Review (Approximately 150 words)
In this section, you must reflect on, review and summarise your progress and achievement throughout the course. It provides the opportunity to express the knowledge, skills and understanding you have acquired, and what it means to you now, compared with when you started the course. It also provides an opportunity for you to explain your reasons for choosing a particular discipline and to outline your longer-term aspirations. You should reflect upon how your choice of a particular discipline has informed your project proposal.
Write Here:  

Throughout my foundation course in CSVPA, I have learned lots of different knowledge and skills. It’s an eye-opening experience, and I got a new perspective of Fashion. It’s something that I’m passionate about and a reflection of who I am. When I first entered into the course, I’ll be completely honest and admit that I had no idea what to expect. It’s a new world for me. However, each and every task that been given was really enjoyable. I always find myself getting excited and giving 100% of time, and efforts to complete each task. There will always be difficulties yet for me it’s a challenge to work under pressure, to learn from mistakes, and to grow as an individual.  I believed that it will be a provision when I work within industry and society in the next few year. I learned to be aware of my environment, to every detail, and be observant, because anything can be the source of inspiration. My experience working together with my fellow students and crew has given me valuable opportunities to improve my communication and presentation skills. We share our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Therefore, they also became my motivation. I hope that what I’ve learned in CSVPA this year can be the basis for my future success.        
Section 2: Project concept (Approximately 250 words)
In this section, you must clearly explain the concept and aims of your project, the ideas that will support and nourish its development, the research that you will undertake, what you anticipate producing, the levels and types of resources that you will need and an indication of the form in which you will present the project realisation. You should recognise that throughout the project realisation you may, in response to the evolution of your ideas and/or the availability of facilities and materials, make decisions which result in changes to the project concept and aims. It is important that any process of change is documented in both the work itself and through supporting records, e.g. blog
Write Here:  

The concept of Unconscious Existence is about how ‘Precognitive Dream’ influences the future. Since dreaming is such a universal human experience, people have long figured these nightly hallucinations must have some sort of meaning or utility. In Homer’s Iliad, a dream is personified as a messenger sent from Zeus to tell Agamemnon to attack the city of Troy. Based on some research shows that around half of the population report some type of precognitive experience, often in the form of a dream that seemed to come true. People with stronger belief in psychic experiences, including precognitive dreaming, tend to have a higher likelihood of interpreting dreams as precognitive. An example of event that happened according to prophetic dream: Lincoln’s Death. About two weeks before his assignation, President Abraham Lincoln described a recent dream to his wife and a few of his friends. He dreamed of walking through the White House until he came upon his own corpse, guarded and lying in state in the East Room, exactly where his casket rested after his death. What will be behind a prophetic dream? According to Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist, who studied about human’s dream, sources of dreams include stimuli from the external world, subjective experiences, organic stimuli within the body, and mental activities during sleep. On 2014, an experiment of selective recall gives a result that when an event in your daily life appears to parallel something that happened in a dream, we’re more likely to remember the similarities than note the differences. The researchers also involved a second study, to discover the association of unrelated events. This study tested the idea that people who believed more strongly would have a greater tendency to make connections between unrelated events. People are going to have a ridiculously large number of dreams, on widely varying topics, over the course of your life. It’s only natural that occasionally something in your life will match up. It’s pretty common to dream about things you already think about often, especially things that worry you. It’s been suggested that precognitive dreams could become more common in times of widespread crisis. So, can a dream really predict your future? In my opinion, yes it could, because I did believe that there is an existence in everything you do, even in an unconscious state. However, it still depends on the person itself, whether they believe or not. I will be also doing a research on Dream Catchers. Dream Catchers are believed to serve a protective purpose. Those who believe in dream catchers say that they act as a filter for dreams. They send good dreams to the sleeper and bad dreams away. Dream Catchers started in the Ojibwe Nation, in Canada. I also would like to combine the Ojibwe traditional clothing into my garment, looking at the colourful embroidery ornaments, and pretty decorations of beads and quill art.        
Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 100 words)
In this section, you must explain how you will reflect on and evaluate your work throughout the project development as well as at the conclusion of the project. The critical review should reference the project aims and be reflective and analytical of learning and achievement rather than a narrative of actions completed.
Write Here:  

For the development of this project, I would like to expand the idea of believe and disbelieve. When people believe in their dream, then there will be connections between the brain, real life events, and also emotions. I will represent those emotions as colours, such as red for anger, purple for fear, blue for sadness, and yellow for happiness. But if they disbelieve it, there will be nothing to gain and lose. The purpose of this project is to emphasize people to not underestimate things that can’t be seen. Who knows that a precognitive dream can helps to improve our life. For Example: When we dreamed of bad things, we can be more preventive on things that might happen in the future. Based on the research, bad dreams also indicate that people are tired mentally and physically, so they need to take a break and relax. Or if we dreamed of good things, it can be a good sign of our life ahead. However, we still need to be aware of everything. In conclusions, if people do believe in precognitive dream, they can take it as their consideration in lives.        
Propose research sources and bibliography in Harvard Reference format.
In this section, you should record your initial research sources for the project proposal and then continuously update the bibliography as the project progresses.  (you will have 2 bibliographies: this initial one and a final updated version)

Write Here:

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